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Environmental Protection Industry
While consolidating and upgrading the main business of toll roads, Shenzhen Expressway has entered the field of large-scale environmental protection industry from a high starting point, and has formed a dual-main business structure with toll roads and large-scale environmental protection businesses as the main business.

In order to achieve market-oriented and professional operations, environmental companies have been established to expand solid waste and hazardous waste and other environmental protection industry-related businesses; new energy companies mainly to expand wind power and other new energy businesses , To create an internationally influential comprehensive environmental protection industry chain group centered on environmental protection investment, technology and service.

Shenzhen Expressway focuses on two major businesses of clean energy and solid waste resource management. It has achieved rapid increase in volume, quickly cultivated capacity and formed a scale. The total installed wind power capacity has reached 648 MW, equivalent to 12 Standard wind farm; the daily processing scale of kitchen waste reaches 6000 tons, provides organic waste operation and treatment services for more than 30 cities, and has more than 160 solid waste treatment patents, and its scale and efficiency are in a leading position in China. At the same time, it will deploy retired vehicles and new energy battery disassembly and cascade utilization, industrial environmental protection service industries, and escort the green waters and mountains with practical actions.
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