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Organic Waste Management - The Lander Project

In January 2020, Shenzhen Expressway signed an equity merger agreement with Lande Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Lande Environmental Protection) through its environmental company, and acquired 67.14% of the equity of Lande Environmental Protection.

Lande Environmental Protection is one of the main enterprises in the domestic organic waste treatment industry. The project scale ranks among the forefront of the industry, and it has a relatively mature technology research and development, market development and construction, operation management team and capabilities. Lande Environmental's "joining" has made Shenzhen Expressway quickly rank at the forefront of the national kitchen processing industry in terms of asset scale, and has gradually formed a whole industry of organic waste disposal technology research and development, design and equipment manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance with industry advantages. Chain, combined with the actual project practice opportunities in the field of food and kitchen treatment such as the Shenzhen Expressway Guangming Environmental Park PPP project, the group has gradually improved its competitiveness and formed a large-scale effect in the field of urban organic waste disposal.

In January 2021, Lande Environmental officially changed its name to Shengao Lande Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Shengao Lande).

Premium items:

(1) Nanning Food and Kitchen Waste Resource Utilization and Harmless Treatment Plant

Project overview: Nanning is one of the first pilot cities in the country for the harmless treatment of kitchen waste. The Nanning project is one of the classic cases of large-scale organic waste treatment in China, and it is also one of the few projects that realize full-load operation of the resource utilization of kitchen waste. De is responsible for the overall investment, design, construction and operation of all three-phase projects. The first phase of the project started commercial operation in August 2016 and has been operating stably for more than 5 years.

Investment model: BOT

Processing scale: 1042t/d of organic waste (kitchen + kitchen waste + grease)

Project advantages: pretreatment + full anaerobic

(2) Taizhou City Organic Waste Comprehensive Treatment Project

Project Overview: The first phase of the PPP project for the resource utilization and harmless treatment of kitchen waste in Taizhou City is currently the only project in China for the co-processing of 5 kinds of organic wastes. It is a successful practice of the combined anaerobic fermentation process of various organic wastes.

Investment model: BOT

Processing scale: 400t/d of organic waste (kitchen + kitchen waste + sludge + manure + garden)

Project technology: pretreatment + combined anaerobic fermentation

(3) Guiyang City Kitchen Waste Emergency Disposal and Harmless Treatment Project

Project Overview: The country's first batch of pilot city projects for the resource utilization and harmless treatment of kitchen waste, which was transferred to commercial operation in March 2019, and is currently operating at full capacity.

Investment model: BOT

Design processing scale: kitchen + oil 535t/d

Treatment process: pretreatment + anaerobic fermentation


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