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Based in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Expressway takes the Shenzhen district-level welfare center public construction and private projects, street elderly service centers, and large-scale enterprises and public institutions such as public construction and private projects as the entry point to create an "institution + community radiation." + Community and family-extended elderly care service network", establish a high-quality elderly care service system that combines medical care and care, smart health care, and is committed to becoming a comprehensive elderly care service company. In October 2020, approved by the Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Shenzhen Expressway Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen Expressway, invested 30 million yuan to establish "Shenzhen Expressway Gaoleyi Health Care Co., Ltd." as a platform for Shenzhen Expressway to develop elderly care services.

In 2021, Shenzhen Express Investment Co., Ltd. won the bids for three senior care projects with high scores in succession, and successfully implemented the PPP pilot project of Guangming Xincun Community Comprehensive Service Center, the PPP pilot project of Phoenix Nine Dragons Community Comprehensive Service Center, and the PPP project of Guangming Welfare Institute.

The two comprehensive community service center projects mainly rely on government-owned properties and coordinate resources. They include rehabilitation physiotherapy rooms, health care rooms, multi-function halls, nursery classes, psychological consultation rooms, charity supermarkets, and more than 10 service function rooms. Regional residents provide one-stop community comprehensive services throughout the life cycle, such as shared care for the elderly and children, medical care, vocational training, social entertainment, and food and love.

The Guangming Welfare Institute project is based on the strategic positioning of building a “benchmark for people’s livelihood and happiness” and the goal of achieving the goal of “preserving the elderly”, in accordance with the principle of “one-time planning, appropriate advancement, complete supporting facilities, and high-standard construction”, incorporating high-end elements and wisdom for the elderly Elderly care equipment, radiate all levels of elder care service institutions, and improve district-level elder care institutions supporting leisure, diet, entertainment, health and rehabilitation, and basic medical services.



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