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Guilong Avenue

Guilong Avenue (the first phase of the project) is an important part of the urban road system from Longli County to Guiyang City in Guizhou Province. It passed the completion acceptance in May 2014 and was handed over to Longli County Government. Constructed in accordance with the urban expressway standards, the total length of the route is 6.279km, the design speed is 80km/h, the standard width of the route is 38m, and there are 6 lanes in both directions. The project is the first benchmark model project created by Shenzhen Expressway in Guizhou, which has won unanimous praise from the government and society, and established the brand image of Shenzhen Expressway in Guizhou. The full opening of Guilong Avenue (the first phase of the project) has made the regional advantages of the “three ports in one” of high-speed rail, highway, and airport more prominent, strengthened the advantages of Longli and Guiyang's spatial integration, and accelerated Longli’s development. The pace of the "Half-hour Living Circle in Guiyang East" and the development of the same urbanization of the two places have greatly increased the value of land along and around the route, played a decisive role in enhancing regional competitiveness, and produced greater economic and social benefits, and helped the locals alleviate poverty. The tackling of fortitudes has made important contributions, and the speed and quality of local economic development have been affirmed by the Guizhou Provincial Government, which is of great and far-reaching significance.


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